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    2020 Gift Guide for Scientists

    By ZAGENO - 2 minutes read

    The holiday season has arrived once more, which means it is that time of the year again for you to show the scientists in your life how much you appreciate them. If you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Here is our 2020 gift guide for every type of scientist.


    1. Mars Dust Globe


    For the Martian in your life, transport them to the planet they love the most with this intergalactic spin on a classic snowglobe.


    Source: Uncommon Goods






    2. Infinite Galaxy Puzzle



    For the astrophysicist in your life, this galaxy puzzle with infinite combinations is the perfect gift to keep them company while they ponder the wonders of the universe this holiday season.

    Uncommon Goods




    3. Historic Women Who Dared Wine Glasses


    For the women in your life, these empowered wine glasses featuring ceiling-breaking scientists like Marie Curie, will inspire them to continue working for the greater good, while sipping on their favorite red or white.

    Source: Uncommon Goods




    4. Floppy Disk Notebooks


    For the old-school scientist in your life, this set of notebooks will remind them of their past while being a place for them to scribble their ideas for the future.

    Uncommon Goods




    5. LEGO Research Institute



    For the aspiring scientist in your life, this research lab LEGO set will take them out of the house and into the wide open world of research using only their fingers and their imaginations.

    Source: Walmart



    6. Adopt from the World Wide Fund for Nature



    Source: WWF

    For the zoologist in your life, give them the gift of symbolically adopting a member of their favorite rare species, while supporting a great cause. Each adoption comes with a plush replica of your chosen species, an adoption certificate, species card, and gift bag.



    7. Terrarium DIY Kit


    For the horticulturist in your life, this mini at-home terrarium kit is the perfect way to remind them how beautiful their specialty is while bringing a bit of nature inside.

    Source: Uncommon Goods




    8. Dinosaur Mugs



    For the caffeinated paleontologist in your life, these rustic dino mugs are a great gift that also serve as a fossilized mood ring. Each day you get to choose: are you feeling more like a triceratops or a velociraptor?

    Source: Uncommon Goods




    9. Periodic Table of Presidents

    Source: Uncommon Goods

    For the chemist in your life who is also a history buff, this whimsical periodic table is sure to delight and surprise them by combining their two passions in one colorful poster.



    10. Microscope Earrings


    For the fashionable biologist in your life, these silver microscope earrings are an adorable way for them to show off their specialty while outside of the lab.

    No matter the brand of scientist or nerd, this list is a great starting point for holiday shopping for your lab-residing friends or family.

    Source: Etsy



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