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    2020 Year in Review

    By ZAGENO - 1 minutes read

    For ZAGENO, 2020 began like previous years but as we now know things quickly changed. ZAGENO embraced the change but more than simply adapt, we evolved and thrived in 2020.

    We’ve put together a short video to share our journey with you.


    Over the course of 2020, ZAGENO added over 600 new suppliers to our marketplace, which now exceeds 25 million product SKUs from more than 5,000 unique product brands further solidifying our claim as the life science industry’s largest.

    As a company, we grew from approximately 70 employees to nearly 130 - and counting. This included the addition of a new tech hub in Wrocław, Poland. Throughout this, we stayed focused on a key goal to encourage a diversified workforce.

    ZAGENO customers are benefiting from our growth. Procurement and finance teams are saving up to 30% in both their operational and product costs and inside the lab, ZAGENO users are saving as much as 15% per scientist, per year.

    2020 was certainly a year to remember. Above all else, we are grateful for the health and well-being of our community. 

    We wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season. We look forward to continuing to support your growth in 2021.

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