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    Gilson Diversifies Customer Engagement with Products Available on ZAGENO

    By ZAGENO - 1 minutes read

    Since 1957, Gilson has supported the research scientist community with its best-in-class liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions. Over three generations this family-owned company has dedicated itself to helping life scientists, at the bench, to achieve more productive research and verifiable data. 

    In September 2021, Gilson partnered with ZAGENO to bring its liquid handling, purification, and extraction products to subscribers at biotech and pharmaceutical companies that procure supplies through the ZAGENO marketplace. As part of the arrangement, ZAGENO is now offering the entire Gilson portfolio of products.


    “Over more than 60 years, we’ve seen many changes in the life science supply chain. Today, as labs automate, new processes like subscription marketplaces have become popular for many of our customers,” explained Peter Fleskes, Head of Gilson Distribution Partnerships, Americas. “Gilson has always sought to meet customers where they are, as such, we’re pleased to partner with ZAGENO, whose customer-centric approach is consistent with ours.” 

    The partnership allows Gilson’s category-leading products to be searched, compared, and selected alongside approximately 30 million other product SKUs in the ZAGENO marketplace. It also aligns the companies respective missions to contribute and help accelerate scientific innovation.


    “ZAGENO is very excited to partner with Gilson and to host its portfolio of products in our award-winning marketplace,” said Ben Schlesinger, ZAGENO’s senior VP for partnerships and alliances. “Beyond a strong commercial partnership is a shared mission, from both organizations, for scientific discovery. While Gilson does this through its category-leading products, ZAGENO’s contributes with software tools to streamline the overall procurement process.”  

    Researcher scientists or procurement experts interested in buying Gilson products on ZAGENO can schedule a demo. at


    Suppliers interested in joining Gilson, in listing products on the ZAGENO marketplace, can complete an online form in order to speak with a ZAGENO representative:


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