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    Helpful Bookmarks for Lab Managers to Kick Off the New Year

    By ZAGENO - 3 minutes read

    The new year presents lab managers with exciting opportunities and possibilities for their lab — to get organized, to finally figure out a solution to that problem, and to learn from others in the field. This is the time to review the past year, while making resolutions and projections for the year to come.

    How to Be a Great Lab Management Community Member

    Lab management communities come in all different shapes and sizes. There are student organizations, local chapters, and many fully online communities for scientists, lab techs, and lab managers to involve themselves in.

    Communication and collaboration make the scientific community go around, and many scientists are working on specialized projects without access to much support at their own facility. Online communities for lab managers help to connect lab techs, PIs, medical research teams, and scientists can find their peers or mentors to help them navigate challenges.

    Some actionable ways that you can ensure you are a positive presence in your community are to:

    • Promote helpful and informational interactions between other members of the community, regardless of your own participation
    • Be mindful of the shared goals of your community, to ensure they are inclusive and positive
    • Celebrate fellow community members successes and experiences
    • Answer questions when you’re able and provide additional resources when you aren’t

    Top Resources and Communities for Lab Managers in 2022

    Are you eager to join an active community of like minded scientists? Or is untapped access to an evolving catalog of curated research articles more your speed? Whatever you may need to support yourself and your lab in the new year, there’s a resource out there to help you. Here are some of the top pages and communities designed to support lab managers — bookmark now, thank us later.


    When it comes to online communities, they don’t get much more expansive or inclusive than Reddit. The best part is, the ever-growing platform hosts a wide variety of specialized communities tailored to the specific needs of all different types of lab managers.

    For example, /r/labrats is a community of over 400,000 self described “lab nerds” who answer each other's requests for advice as often as they share memes and personal triumphs. Lately, the “Monthly Rant” thread has explored the continued impact on supply chain disruption in labs and creative ways that lab managers are adapting.

    There’s also /r/biotech, a community of over 50,000 members who spend the entirety of lengthy discussion threads musing over the latest biological tech and processes.

    Lab Manager

    For those lab managers looking for a mix of independent-use resources and peer support, Lab Manager serves as a one-stop-shop for all things biotech. What originated as a website and blog has quickly expanded to include hosting multiple digital summits each year on topics ranging from general lab manager leadership to projections about the labs of the future.

    Additionally, Lab Manager also offers community members the ability to stay updated on all the latest biotech lab innovations with individual webinars and by taking classes at the Lab Manager Academy— a completely online course catalog designed to support potential and existing lab managers with management training.


    Deemed “The Home of the Life Sciences Industry” for good reason, Biospace serves as a biotech industry media publication with the latest news, along with offering a career services board for lab managers and scientists alike. Scientists, lab managers, and employers can create accounts for themselves whether they are looking for a new position for themself, hiring for an open role at their lab, or just interested in familiarizing themselves with current career resources.

    Through Biospace, members of the life science industry are able to foster connections with one another both professionally and personally by attending career events. During the job hunt, Biospace members can refine their searches by job title or even hotbed region, ensuring that the national life science community continues to expand.


    For those lab managers eager to bookmark the latest publications and industry findings, look no further than ResearchGate. In addition to being a historied resource comprising more than 135 million published scientific documents, ResearchGate also doubles as an online scientific community.

    Whether you are searching for the best place to publish your upcoming work or you’re on the lookout for a new team of skilled collaborators, ResearchGate ready and waiting to propel you into the new year. It’s a free resource used by  over 20 million scientists and lab managers.

    For lab managers, the start of a new year brings with it just as many challenges as it does exciting opportunities. To ensure you are prepared for all that 2022 has to offer, revisit your bookmarks to ensure they are full of the most helpful resources and genuine communities available to you. And as you plan for the year ahead, consider how your lab is prepared for what’s to come using this guide: How to Future-Proof Your Biotech Lab.

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