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    New Agreement Links ZAGENO Marketplace to Point Purchasing Life Science Customers

    By ZAGENO - 1 minutes read

    Since 2015, ZAGENO has been on a mission to change an entrenched status quo affecting research scientists in biopharma R&D. The change pivots on the life science industry’s largest marketplace of supplies and award winning products and tools that align the lab bench at biotechs and biopharmas with procurement and finance teams. Meanwhile, for over 20 years, Point Purchasing has pursued its own mission to tighten processes in the back office by managing workflows from generating purchasing orders to tracking orders for its life science clientele. 

    Through a Certified Supplier agreement, the separate approaches by ZAGENO and Point Purchasing have come together to offer new options for scientist and lab manager customers. 

    Now available, to Point Purchasing customers, is a ZAGENO punchout, which upon activation provides access ZAGENO's long tail of more than 30 million product SKUs from over 5,000 brands. 


    "Data from our growing marketplace shows a number of trends driving growth including supplier fragmentation, COVID-driven backorder rates as well as longer lead times,” explained Ben Schlesinger, ZAGENO’s senior VP for partnerships and alliances. “Our life sciences customers value the breadth and efficiency of our one-stop-shop, which is more powerful when it's integrated into powerful purchasing software like Point Purchasing; it’s a better-together approach and a win for all involved."


    “We’re excited to provide a seamless pathway to ZAGENO’s 30 million product SKUs, to our customers,” said Charles Gebhard, president of Point Systems, Inc. “At no additional cost, our customers will have a breadth of new options for fulfilling their lab supply needs.”

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