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        Nov 13 2019

        ZAGENO’s Product Updates Signal an Improved Customer Experience

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        By ZAGENO Team

        When it comes to building a product that must include a customer experience there is no magic wand. There is no technique that fits all purposes - a personalized customer experience is one that is customized, said David Pumberger, chief product officer and co-founder at ZAGENO. 

        Over the past several months, ZAGENO has made a number of notable changes to its features and functions, specifically aimed at creating a better customer experience. These updates are highlighted below.


        ZAGENO’s Enterprise Solutions Page

        ZAGENO has built a design to improve usability and to provide readily available support options to ensure a smooth user experience, in an otherwise cumbersome ordering process.



        What’s New?

        • We’ve redesigned this page to provide a list of features offered by ZAGENO to our open marketplace, professional, and enterprise users
        • Users can more easily navigate resources that clearly displays features for our various packages: lite, professional, and enterprise and corresponding prices.
        • Now, users can easily schedule a meeting with ZAGENO.


        ZAGENO’s My Lists Feature

        ZAGENO seeks to provide research scientists the means to identify and save products that they frequently purchase.





        What’s New?

        • My Lists enables multiple research scientists - whether working within the same lab,  experiment, or not - to save and share the products they intend to purchase.
        • By sharing My Lists across the enterprise, the procurement team can seamlessly solicit product requests from all users and consolidate or modify orders for the entire lab.
        • For organizations that limit the purchasing of certain products or SKUs, My Lists can be used to develop a smaller approved catalog from which researcher scientists can easily choose and buy products.
        • My Lists includes a pre-filtered catalog, offering a one-click purchase experience, allowing users to easily reorder frequently needed items without searching for them.


        ZAGENO’s My Account Interface

        ZAGENO’s My Account feature allows users to view recent orders, manage shipping and billing addresses, edit passwords, and account details. 

        My Account

        What’s new?

        • My Account now presents graphic icons to improve navigation and functionality.


        Added Controls Allow customers to Customize Email Notifications

        A lot of communication, within an e-commerce marketplace model, is triggered during various phases of the ordering process. ZAGENO knows that occasionally, customers prefer to receive fewer emails. As such, we are giving users the option to set custom notification preferences for all the different types of emails. 

        What’s new?

        • Today, ZAGENO users can subscribe to the type of emails they want to receive and its frequency.
        • Users can now configure their email preferences into custom sending patterns, as well as fine tune the types of communication they receive from us.
        • ZAGENO has improved its email communications with templates that allow the user to more easily identify important information.

        “Determining what customers want is the major challenge. To do so effectively one must draw from speaking with customers about their wants, needs, challenges, and emulating aspects of customer experiences found in other industries,” added Pumberger.

        ZAGENO is the 2019 recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s Enabling Technology Leadership Award for North American eCommerce Solutions. 


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