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        Biotech 2050 Podcast·Nov 12, 2020

        James Pavolovich of ZAGENO: 5 Ways To Create a Wow! Customer Experience

        Fast Company·Jun 24, 2020

        How 6 CEOs are attracting senior talent during the COVID-19 crisis

        Lab Manager·Jun 01, 2020

        Embracing the Lab of the Future—Today·May 07, 2020

        19 Marketplaces for the Life Sciences Industry

        BioSpace·Mar 26, 2020

        Some Drugs Being Rationed as Suppliers Continue to See Increased Orders

        Built In Boston·Mar 20, 2020

        How Boston Tech Is Changing the Face of E-commerce

        Biotech 2050 Podcast·Jan 07, 2020

        Podcast: Biotech 2050: Ep. 8 - Dr. Florian Wegener, Co-Founder and CEO of ZAGENO

        Authority Magazine·Jan 02, 2020

        Authority Magazine: ZAGENO CEO Dr. Florian Wegener: “How I Was Able To Thrive Despite First Experiencing Impostor Syndrome”

        BioBoss·Aug 22, 2019

        Podcast: BioBoss: #10 - Florian Wegener: CEO of Zageno

        NECN·Aug 16, 2019

        NECN -TV: ZAGENO One-Stop Online Shopping for Life Science Research

        Forbes·Jul 17, 2019

        ZAGENO - An eCommerce Platform for Quality Biotech and Medical Equipment

        VentureFizz·May 30, 2019

        ZAGENO - An eCommerce Platform for Quality Biotech and Medical Equipment

        Pulse 2.0·May 07, 2019

        How Life Science Product Marketplace ZAGENO Is Streamlining Lab Equipment Ordering For Procurement Departments

        Xconomy·Apr 26, 2019

        Boston Tech Watch: Workbar, Modo, Locus Robotics, Zagster & More

        Axios·Apr 24, 2019

        Venture Capital Deals


        LinkedIn·Jan 30, 2020

        (VIDEO) From its facilities, in the heart of the life sciences hub of Boston-Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Platelet BioGenesis team sat down to discuss some of its key procurement challenges. Learn more and see the full-length video here:

        LinkedIn·Jan 28, 2020

        (VIDEO) Leadership Series: How Life as a Scientist Evolved to One Focused on the Business of Science

        LinkedIn·Jan 21, 2020

        Part 1 of our conversation with ZAGENO Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, David Pumberger

        LinkedIn·Nov 27, 2019

        This week, ZAGENO's CEO, Florian Wegener sat down for an interview with Biotech2050 to discuss the future of the life science industry. Stay tuned for a link to the podcast.

        LinkedIn·Nov 01, 2019

        In November ZAGENO is turning its thoughts to men's health and growing facial hair! Stay tuned for important posts to read, learn from and share with the men in your life. #Movember

        LinkedIn·Nov 04, 2019

        There's a Silent Majority of Scientists at Small-Mid Sized Biotechs

        LinkedIn·Oct 15, 2019

        In addition to our usual content, for the remainder of October, ZAGENO will be shining a bright light on the fight against breast cancer. #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

        LinkedIn·Sep 06, 2019

        NEW in-depth BioBoss podcast on #LifeScience purchasing & its effects on researchers now available. ZAGENO CEO, Florian Wegener covers the origins of the company and aim to improve how time is appropriated in the lab. Listen here or on other podcast channels...

        NECN·Aug 09, 2019

        *Click link to Watch* ZAGENO CEO, Florian Wegener appearing on NECN's "This Week in Business" program. The far reaching interview covered Florian's background as a cardiologist, why he left medicine to co-found ZAGENO and why a marketplace model for life science works for both suppliers and customers:

        ZAGENO·Aug 07, 2019

        ZAGENO's Knowledge Hub series, "The Scientist Experience" by Peter Grayson offers a deep-dive into researchers' needs, how we meet them and how we fulfill & surpass expectations. Knowledge sharing helps align the theory and the practical execution of our work and mission.

        LinkedIn·Nov 01, 2019

        In November ZAGENO is turning its thoughts to men's health and growing facial hair! Stay tuned for important posts to read, learn from and share with the men in your life. #Movember

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        Nov 09 2020

        ZAGENO Doubles Engineering to Support High-Paced, Customer-Centric Operating Model Under Leadership of New VP of Engineering

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        Nov 03 2020

        The Top 25 Women Leaders in Biotechnology of 2020

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        Oct 29 2020

        ZAGENO Acclaimed by Frost & Sullivan for Simplifying the Biotech Purchasing Process with Its Intuitive eCommerce Platform

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        Aug 25 2020

        EY Announces Florian Wegener of ZAGENO as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2020 New England Award Finalist

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        Mar 25 2020

        ZAGENO Releases COVID-19 Data Addressing the Laboratory Supply Chain

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        Dec 04 2019

        ZAGENO Announces its Spend Analytics Dashboard

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        Oct 22 2019

        ZAGENO Names Industry Veteran, Paul Goetz as Chief Revenue Officer

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        Oct 16 2019

        ZAGENO Appoints Josef H. von Rickenbach as Chairman of its Board of Directors

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        Sep 25 2019

        ZAGENO Expands Leadership to Meet Life Science Market Demands; New VP of Operations from Wayfair Leads Several Key Appointments

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        Apr 23 2019

        ZAGENO Announces Series B Funding, Led by General Catalyst

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        Aug 27 2018

        ZAGENO at Biotech Week Boston

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        Jul 19 2018

        ZAGENO Builds Out Leadership Team

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        Jun 27 2018

        ZAGENO Surpasses Growth Targets

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        Feb 26 2018

        ZAGENO Partners with Thomas Scientific

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        Jan 23 2018

        ZAGENO Connects all Stakeholders - 360° Approach

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        Dec 29 2017

        ZAGENO Platform Hits 1.4 Million Product

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        Oct 25 2017

        ZAGENO Becomes #1 Marketplace - Series A Announcement

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