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    Managing the Lab

    Save time in lab operations

    Discover our blog created for lab managers with strategic advice on managing workplace conflicts, increasing operations efficiency, and empowering scientists.

    The Definitive Spend Control Checklist for Biotech Labs

    By ZAGENO Team - Dec 1, 2020 - 3 minutes read

    10 Things About Being A Lab Manager That Drive Me Crazy

    By ZAGENO - Oct 8, 2020 - 3 minutes read

    7 Things to Consider When Exploring Supplies to Buy for Your Upcoming Experiment

    By ZAGENO Team - Oct 6, 2020 - 3 minutes read


    productivity Managing the Lab

    The Craziest Things Scientists Have Found During A Lab Cleanout

    We’ve all heard the stories of crazy things lurking in the back of the lab that get uncovered during a deep lab cleanout. Scientists find lab items ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 24, 2022 - 3 minutes read

    productivity Managing the Lab Lab Efficiency

    2022 Lab Operations Checklist for Biotechs

    There are over 4,000 lab operations jobs currently available on Indeed and that number is predicted to rise rapidly in 2022. As biotech labs crop up ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 20, 2022 - 4 minutes read

    productivity Managing the Lab

    Helpful Bookmarks for Lab Managers to Kick Off the New Year

    The new year presents lab managers with exciting opportunities and possibilities for their lab — to get organized, to finally figure out a solution ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 19, 2022 - 3 minutes read

    productivity Managing the Lab

    How to Plan out Your Year in The Lab, From Experiments to Social Events

    It seems early to be thinking about December 2022 right now, but lab experiment planning can never start early enough. With so many moving pieces, ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 18, 2022 - 2 minutes read

    Managing the Lab supply chain

    5 Key Trends in Biotech Lab Operations for 2022

    2021 was a transformative year for the world, and the biotech industry. Lab closures and the ongoing supply chain disruptions have led to R&D lab ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 13, 2022 - 3 minutes read

    Managing the Lab supply chain

    The Top 4 Complaints that Scientists Have when Conducting Lab Supply Research

    Each year the demand for new and more specialized lab supplies increases and the supply procurement process grows more complex. This is particularly ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 12, 2022 - 3 minutes read

    finance capital efficiency Managing the Lab

    Biggest Operational Risks for Biotech Finance Teams + How to Avoid Them

    Traditionally, biotech startup costs were steep, think: $10M minimum. Now, due to infrastructure changes, it’s more achievable, but can be close to ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 6, 2022 - 3 minutes read

    Managing the Lab

    Top Books for Biotech Founders

    2021 broke records for biotech companies and funding. Funding increased by 60% from 2020 to 2021, Biotech founders are emerging left and right, and ...
    By ZAGENO - Jan 5, 2022 - 3 minutes read

    Procurement Managing the Lab Procurement Management

    Biopharma R&D Lab's Ideal Lab Supply Procurement Process

    The lab tells ZAGENO what they want, what they really, really want, from the procurement process. When ordering lab supplies, do you ever sigh loudly ...
    By ZAGENO - Dec 29, 2021 - 2 minutes read
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