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    Why You Need a Lab Setup Service for Your New Space

    By ZAGENO - 2 minutes read

    Setting up your new lab or relocating your existing one is a time consuming and costly endeavor. During the lab relocation process, your research will be halted and your entire operation is put on pause until your lab operations return to normal. While this is a complex process, it doesn’t need to be a stressful one. When you use a lab setup service instead of going it alone, you can trust that the planning, moving, and setup will be handled by experts, minimizing your lab’s time offline.

    Framework for Deciding Whether You Need to Use a Lab Service

    Turning your lab relocation project over to a lab setup service can feel like a big decision. When deciding whether or not using a lab setup service is right for you as you relocate your lab, take a moment to evaluate the benefits of using a lab service. Think about the cost of both using and not using a lab service, and how much time you can afford to take for your move to determine if using a lab setup service is right for you.

    Benefits of using a lab setup service:

    • Create detailed project plans that cover the originating lab location, the moving process, and setup in the new lab location
    • Remove the burden of managing the lab relocation process
    • Mitigates unexpected challenges that arise
    • Provide planning, moving, and post-lab-move services tailored to your lab
    • Follow proven relocation procedures to prevent incidents from occurring before, during, or after your lab has been setup
    • Follow lab equipment handling best practices
    • Optimize for employee safety in new lab design 
    • Minimize lab downtime

    Mistakes that Could Be Made Without One

    If you decide that using a lab setup service is not your best option when relocating your lab, you will need to use your own staff to plan for your move, move your lab equipment and supplies, and set up your new lab space. 

    Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when you relocate your lab without the help of a lab setup service:

    • Don’t assume that because you have participated in a lab relocation before that you do not have to thoroughly prepare for your future move; every relocation process is different
    • Package and label hazardous chemicals and infectious agents to meet you state and federal regulations; if your chosen mover doesn’t have the required permits then you will need to coordinate with a third-party shipper
    • Don’t rush the relocation process; plan how your staff will be spending their downtime before moving into their new lab
    • Create an organized timeline and account for items that are often on backorder, supply chain considerations, and other logistical coordination factors

    How to Evaluate Potential Partners

    If you decide to use a lab setup service, you will realize that there are many services to choose from. In order to find the service that is the best match for your relocation needs, take the time to research the top lab setup services in your area and then ask these questions to determine which service is right for your move:

    • Which of these services has the best track record when it comes to relocating my specific size of lab or lab specialty?
    • Which of these services has direct experience moving the equipment you will need them to move?
    • Do the quotes you receive from each potential service provider fit into your predetermined relocation budget?
    • Do the services hold the necessary permits for transporting your hazardous materials or other specialty materials?
    • Does the service provide expert scientific staff to bridge the transition during the move, like temporary lab managers and other lab staff?

    .  .  .

    Utilizing a lab setup service that you trust is the key to pulling off a seamless lab move. For support that you can trust, from designing your new lab to relocating your equipment and everything in between, ZAGENO has you covered. To find out if ZAGENO’s lab setup service is a good fit for you, learn more about our new lab setup service.


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